Uncle Boise Keeps His Eyes Open

Boise Fall Skyline

Last night was a great night to be in Boise. You know how community based we are at Uncle Boise’s and when a neighbor’s son was admitted to the NFL draft everyone showed up to celebrate. We came in droves, first to Boise State University, then to Alavita Italian restaurant for eats. Some readers may not find this kind of a Friday night that much of a turn on, but then again maybe you aren’t the right audience for Uncle Boise’s blog.

I’m all about fellowship, and supporting our local . . . well, whoever, for a job well done. Whether it’s in the arena of athletics, community service, volunteerism, or any other aspect that contributes to making the world of Boise go round, Uncle Boise is all in. With the feel of a small town, Boise caters to the sense of unity and community that gives our little city a feeling of family.

Mick Swenson, a Senior at Boise State was the center of attention last night. He and the first string took a VIP Limousine Service to the event. Mick quarterbacked our team and brought The Boise State Broncos into it’s third straight winning season. Now he’s ready to go on to his next step in a promising career and make us proud.


Football is just one of the sports that unites Boise on so many levels. The community will rally behind it’s players and have fun supporting its teams, because it is a natural part of Boise life that we readily embrace. I like to celebrate the quiet individual as well as the stand out person who is making a difference. Carmel Rodriquez is one of those people who comes to mind.

Carmel makes her contribution without any fanfare. She is content to do what she loves as she volunteers with a reading program designed to assist young boys and girls as they hone their reading skills and move on with furthering their education. Staying clear of the spotlight, Carmel makes a special impact on the lives of those in need. She teaches reading to young kids who might be having a tough time with the classroom experience.

Her time is spent one-on-one in a private setting with kids from all economic backgrounds ranging in ages 7 years to 12 years. She doesn’t get paid, and her time is often adjusted around the schedules of her students. When interviewing Carmel she is quick to give credit to the organizers of the program she works with; Early Readers, Great Minds. ERGM was founded in 1997 and with the care of the unsung heroes who unflinchingly give of themselves it continues to thrive today.

Then there is Robert Hawk who spends his free hours at the nursery of the local hospital. Robert holds the little ones who need the warmth and affections of the human touch. It is not unusual for Robert to show up at the neonatal ward to give the nurses an extra pair of arms to comfort the babies who are not quite ready to go home with Mom and Dad. He is often found in a rocker with a tiny bundle in his arms and humming a low, indistinguishable tune.

I spyUncle Boise keeps his eyes open and sees more than most. I’ve noticed the local animal shelter will cruise the back neighborhoods for stray dogs and cats. They aren’t like animal control who pick up a stray to take to the pound, no, they are out and about on rescue missions. If a call comes in about a scraggly old mutt that has been seen raiding the garbage of an apartment complex or living in an abandon lot, the shelter team is out in loving force to rescue the little character and bring him in for a clean-up, health exam and proposed adoption.

This group of Boise citizens are more interested in helping these homeless critters rather than just “cleaning up” the streets. They proceed with love and care and aren’t interested in accolades as much as they are in just doing such satisfying work. Uncle Boise is especially proud of our community and thanks you for being a part of what makes it so great.

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