Peyton Manning – The Sheriff

Super Bowl 50

Uncle Boise can no longer stay silent. With the Boise State University Broncos being our home team, we Idahoans are bursting with excitement and anticipation about the fact that our big brothers, the Denver Broncos are going to the Super Bowl! Super Bowl 50. I know I’m not uncovering any breaking news at this late date, and honestly what more can be said that already hasn’t been reported inside and out about our neighboring sports heroes? As the locals say; “How ’bout them Broncos?”

Closer to home, our Boise State University Broncos football team ended the 2015 season with a 9-4 record. A little short, but still catering to the fans, last year went down in Boise Bronco Football history as well fought. The advertisement slots from retail stores to paving companies definately inflated profits but ultimately our guys rocked Albertsons Stadium, giving fans the entertainment, as well as a fairly good dose of the satisfaction they were looking for. Head coach Bryan Harsin took the team to 10-2 in his first season, but is still striving to return to the glory days we all fondly recall under Coach Petersen in the mid 2000s when we were undefeated.

The Denver Broncos are no strangers to the Super Bowl with eight prior appearances and earning two wins. Two consecutive wins, the first in Super Bowl XXXII and then in XXXIII. The orange and blue ruled. This year our opponents are the Carolina Panthers, who are making their third Super Bowl appearance, but have yet to walk away with the Trophy. The Panthers are confident that they have this in the bag.

Naturally, a team has to have confidence in spades when playing in this caliber of a contest. The sense of things from insiders observing both clubs, is that there is a feeling of overconfidence. Uncle Boise thinks that’s a good thing for the Broncos, because it leaves a point of vulnerability in the Panthers’ energy. Their offense is incredible, but our defense is incredible, too. This promises to be a hellava match.

Let’s hope the Denver Broncos can pull this off. The Panthers are favored to win by 5, but the Broncos have surprised us with unexpected wins in the past. It would be great to see Peyton Manning end his long, remarkable career with a ring.

Uncle Boise really admires Peyton and all he has brought to the game. Manning’s playing career and statistics have placed him among the greatest quarterbacks since professional football began. He comes from a line of professional ball players that rightfully earned their name in the sport. His father is former NFL quarterback Archie Manning and his younger brother Eli Manning is the first string quarterback for the New York Giants.

At 39 years of age and a career that spans 18 years in the pros, his fans are assuming the old dude will retire after the Bowl. Even though he has only been a Bronco for 4 of those years the Mile High fans from all over the country – the world, think of him as “The Sheriff”. We will all be celebrating this Bronco win for so many reasons.

To give credit where credit is due, Cam Newton, the Panther’s quarterback is coming onto the field with a 15-1, 2015 Season behind him. Only 26 years old, he might not have the years of experience Peyton has, but he has the talent. While he says he is honored to be up against one of the greats in Manning, he has already broken several of Manning’s previous records. In Newton’s rookie year in the NFL he became the first quarterback to throw for 400 yards in his first game, eclipsing Manning’s first game-game record by 120 yards.

Uncle Boise realizes a good club isn’t just about the quarterback, but it’s the quarterback who sets the tone. If he has the talent and skills along with the personality and charisma of a good leader the rest of the team falls into sync.

So the odds makers say the Broncos aren’t going to get creamed, but they don’t see the Mile High, Orange and Blue walking away with Super Bowl 50. What do you think? Could there be an upset with the Broncos winning? Leave Uncle Boise a comment below and let me know what you think.

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